I make wood grips for the Ruger Bisley, Bisley Super Blackhawk, Bisley Old Vaquero, Old/New Model Blackhawk, Single Six, Vaquero and 4-5/8 & 5-1/2 Super Blackhawks with the XRN-3RED or XR3-RED grip frames, New Vaquero, Old Model XR3 grip frame and the Ruger Super Blackhawk "Dragoon". I also make wood GRIP PANELS for the Ruger Super Redhawk, Ruger SP101, GP100 compact, GP100 full-size, and government model full-size 1911 and the Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev. Ruger medallions are available for installation on all my Ruger grips for an extra $10.00. (They are the silver bird with a black background). I install the hardware before I ship the grips which is why my grips are not usually pictured with hardware. I ship USPS and if you have a problem with my grips please notify me and I will replace the grips or give you a full refund
(only if grips have not been altered in any way).
(I get most of my grip frame information from Bob Hamm's website: http://www.gunblast.com/Hamm_Ruger-SA-GripFrames.htm)
If you don't like to use Pay Pal I take these other methods of payment
money orders, personal checks, or cash
just email me telling me what you want and what method you are going to use to pay. Thanks.
**There will be no more custom checkering option for any of my grips but I will be happy to stipple all types of grips for an extra $20.00 per pair. Thank you.**
**I am not taking custom orders at this time.**

Old Model XR3 Grips for SALE!!

Old Model XR3 Grips fit the very first Ruger Single Six grip frames as well as the .357 and .44 flattop Blackhawks. The grip frame will have the mark "XR3" on the frame.
The wood is specially selected for grain and color. Each pair is individually contoured and shaped for comfort and handling characteristics. All of my grips are carefully fitted to the grip frame to ensure long lasting good looks with no unsightly gaps. Price includes Ruger factory hardware and shipping. Ruger medallions are $10.00 extra and International shipping is an extra $15.00. Add either option by using the drop down menu above the "Add to Cart" button.

Price of US and International

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